FAQ : Frequently asked questions

Hotel Rate

What does each price include?

All facilities displayed on the hotel page are included in the price shown. Complete information can be found on the booking page, confirmation page and your confirmation email.

On the hotel page, are the prices listed on a per-night or per-guest basis?

All the prices listed on the hotel page are on a per-night basis.

Does the price include tax?

Yes, all prices shown are final and include taxes, with no hidden charges or price shocks.

Hotel Facilities

How do I find out about the hotel facilities?

Hotel main facilities (swimming pool, free WiFi, parking area, etc.) are displayed on the hotel page, while detailed room facilities (TV, air conditioning, hairdryer, etc.) are listed in the room descriptions. Complete hotel rules and restrictions — such as cancellation policy, check-in age restriction, and marriage certificate requirement — may also be found in the room descriptions.

All of the information above are also displayed on hotel website.

Is it possible to leave my luggage at the hotel before check-in or after check-out?

Please contact our front desk.

Special Requests

Can I request for an extra bed?

Yes. Please contact our reservation team or inform the staff at check-in.

How do I submit a special request (i.e. airport transfer, room with beach view, extra bed, etc.)?

You can submit a special request in your booking form. We will make every effort to fulfill your request, but please note that the fulfillment of your request will depend on the hotel’s availability.


Can I cancel my hotel booking?


Where can I find the cancellation policy?

The booking cancellation policy can be found on the hotel booking page. When you have completed the transaction, this information can be found in the confirmation email.

Hotel Policy

Can I still check-in if I arrive at the hotel way later than the check-in time?

Yes. You can still check-in for late arrival. However, we suggest that you inform us in advance about your late arrival.

Do hotels allow guests to bring pets?

Can I book a hotel for half a day (e.g. from morning to evening)?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The minimum duration of stay is one day.